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Why Should I Join?

The International Kappa Business Directory – IKBD™, is a site created for the promotion of  Kappa Owned Businesses and as an Entrepreneurship Incubator. The IKBD Website was based on NupeNetwork™ the FREE Social Media site created by Brother Justin Nash. The NupeNetwork™ site was modified and The IKBD™ has been produced as a directory for Brothers to find Kappa Owned Business Achievers and to help Brothers succeed and thrive as Entrepreneurs!

More Than A Business Promotion Board

This is a site not only for the promotion of existing Kappa owned business. The site is also for businesses looking to hire, collaborate, share an opportunity, share business information, or provide mentorship. If you look around the page you’ll find the key features of the site (business search, user profiles, employment postings, and more). Join Today!


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Post Job Opportunities

Have a position to fill? List your job openings for recruiters and job seekers looking for positions.[clear]


Connect with Entrepreneurs

Find Brothers to collaborate with that share your business interest or occupation.  Join groups, edit your profile, add your experience, add friends, and share an environment of supportive Brotherhood![clear]


NupeTank™ Present Business Ideas or Projects for Discussion

Start a forum topic or comment on one. Whether you’re looking for a supplier, wanting to collaborate, seeking information, or just building a Professional Learning Network through Brotherhood; share your ideas and get feedback from Brothers.[/public_only] [members_only][sidebar alias=”homepage-site-wide-activity” ][/members_only][/two_third] [one_third_last][public_only]

Find Kappa Owned Businesses

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