Welcome to the NupeTank Entrepreneurship eIncubator!

With the support of Justin Nash & NupeNetwork, Dr. Peter Ayala created a collaborative environment based on his mobile learning research. In this mobile device based learning environment, members get together to support business development. Those interested in starting businesses will find experienced business owners to communicate with enabling them to discover ways to become strong successful entrepreneurs. A Community of Practice (CoP) with social media feed, forums, and video lessons are provided to assist entrepreneurial development.

Achievement is the goal of business. With assistance from successful business owners, future entrepreneurs can receive the mentorship needed to support success.

“Future Ready”

Utilizing the benefits of social media and community of practice theory, this environment is technologically up to date and future ready!


The NupeTank is intended to promote the spread of Kappa owned business internationally.

Pete Ayala, NupeTank Media Group”

Lucky for me NupeTank works great for my fraternal and business interest. Now I have a fantastic Nup-eneurship source!

Pete Ayala, NupeTank’s Design Shop”

I thought I was joining a fraternity, but with NupeTank, I got so much more. It’s like someone supercharged Kappa!